Terms and Conditions

General Terms

General terms and conditions of the web store of the company Svijetli start d.o.o. they have been compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Electronic Commerce Act.

These general terms and conditions apply to the use of the web store of the company Svijetli start d.o.o. on the web address www.rendes.hr including all subpages and on the purchase of products available there. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before use. Your agreement to the terms and conditions set forth herein is a prerequisite for making a purchase.


1.1. The web store available at the web address www.rendes.hr was established by Svijetli start doo, whose headquarters are located at Malešnica 27, Zagreb, Croatia, entered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number (MBS) 081164016, OIB 60499962936 the text ‘Light start’ or ‘Seller’). If you have any questions, you can contact us at the e-mail address bruno.pelko@svijetlistart.hr or at the contact information listed on the ‘Contact’ website.

1.2. Bright Start provides a web store service on a website on the domain rendes.hr. The service consists of providing information services, content management, conducting financial transactions, selling goods between users of the web store, ie you as a buyer and us as a seller, and organizing the delivery of items for sale. The web store service can only be used in the territory of the European Union and the United Kingdom.

1.3. You accept these General Terms and Conditions electronically when confirming an order in the online store. We also encourage you to read the Data Protection and Privacy Policy (LINK) as well as the Cookies Policy (‘LINK’), as these documents also apply to your use of the Web Store.

1.4. The user agrees to use the web store exclusively in accordance with the positive regulations for reviewing published content, purchasing available products by submitting legally valid orders and communicating with the seller.

1.5. The services we provide through the web store do not include the costs you incur using computer equipment and other electronic equipment (electronic devices) and the services for accessing our web store. Bright Start is not responsible for the costs of telephone, data traffic or any other costs that may occur when ordering or viewing the content of the web store and using the services available on it.


2.1. The valid version of the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the web store is always considered to be the version published on this page. In case of disputes, the version that was valid at the time of the purchase and with which you as a user have expressed your consent at the time of placing the order will apply.

2.2. We hereby inform you that there is a possibility of periodic changes to the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the web store in order to comply with changes in the law and / or our business processes. We are technically unable to notify each user of any changes, so we recommend that you read this text when reusing the web store to be aware of possible changes.

2.3. Bright Start reserves the right to change or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) any products or services it provides, as well as changes to the content in the online store, without prior approval or notice, subject to good business practice.


3.1. When browsing the contents of the web store, you are free to select the desired items and add them to the cart. This action is in no way binding. Once you have selected the desired items and you are sure you want to buy them, you proceed to the order process where you enter all the information needed to place an order, confirm your agreement with the General Terms and Conditions of the online store, and depending on the selected payment method. The actions you have performed and confirmed during the order submission process are considered to be the conclusion of the sales contract and as such are binding.

3.2. The price of the product listed on the web store includes VAT and represents an invitation to users to purchase goods at that price. The ordered goods are delivered at the prices and conditions valid on the web store on the day of placing the order, regardless of the prices and conditions valid on the day of delivery.

3.3. These General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the sales contract concluded through the web store.

3.4. After submitting your order using the web store interface, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt of the order to the e-mail address you entered in the order process (hereinafter ‘Confirmation’). The confirmation of receipt of the order is not considered a confirmation of the conclusion of the contract of sale by the seller, but is only a document confirming the receipt of the order.

3.5. We reserve the right to refuse admissionorders if due to extraordinary circumstances we are not able to execute according to the quality standards of the company’s web store Svijetli start. The seller is not obliged on the basis of the received order to enter into a contract of sale in the event that he can not fully fulfill the obligations under the contract. The contract of sale by the seller is considered concluded at the time of shipment of goods, of which you will be notified by special e-mail.


4.1. All product prices in the web store are expressed in Croatian kuna (HRK), with the approximate value shown in euros (EUR) and include VAT. The equivalent in euros (EUR) is calculated according to the valid central exchange rate of the CROATIAN NATIONAL BANK and is for information purposes only. The exact amount of the price in euros (EUR) depends on the current exchange rate of the end user’s bank at the time of payment. Product prices are the same for all types of payments and are visible on the product page and in the cart when concluding an order. The price of the product does not include the cost of delivery, which is calculated separately in the last step of the order after the user enters the desired delivery address. The seller reserves the right to change the price without prior notice.

4.2. In extraordinary cases of administrative error in stating the price of the product on the website of the web store, we are not obliged to enter into a contract of sale on unfavorable terms. If such a case occurs, we will offer you to purchase the product at the correct price, without the obligation to accept such an offer. In case of your non-acceptance of the offer, the amount paid will be refunded if the payment has been made by you before.

4.3. The products remain the property of the seller until receipt of full payment according to the concluded contract of sale, regardless of whether the goods are delivered.

4.4. You can make a payment by paying into our transaction account using internet banking or general payment slip, one-time VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express cards via MyPos system, via Paypal system, and cash on delivery upon receipt of the shipment.

4.5. You will receive the invoice by e-mail or in a package together with the goods or as a separate shipment, depending on the place of dispatch of the goods. If you need an R1 account, please enter the company name when going through the order process and enter all the necessary information.

4.6. It is possible to issue R1 invoices for all forms of payment. The R1 invoice option is selected when selecting the payment method with the entry of all necessary data for issuing an R1 invoice. Issuance of R1 invoices is currently available as an option only to legal entities registered in the Republic of Croatia. Due to legal regulations, we are not able to issue R1 invoices later.

4.7. The promotional code is entered in the code entry field during the purchase process, after which the calculation of the cart is reduced by the discount defined by the code. Then make the payment in the selected method.


5.1. The moment you place an order in the web store, Bright Start receives your order, and depending on the selected payment method, it starts packing the shipment. When paying by cash on delivery, Paypal system and Paycek system, the shipment is packed and sent immediately upon receipt of the order, and when paying to a transaction account by internet banking or general payment slip, the packaging begins after receiving the payment.

5.2. Delivery takes place in the European Union and the United Kingdom. The delivery service is performed efficiently and quickly by DPD. The cost of delivery for orders is 35 kn for the whole of Croatia, while the cost of delivery to other countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom is defined by the price list of the courier service and calculated before the conclusion of the purchase. VAT is included in the expressed delivery prices. Detailed delivery prices can be found below:

  • Slovenia – 70kn (~ 9.29 €)
  • Austria – 150kn
  • Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia – 156kn
  • Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom – 201kn
  • Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Romania – 295kn
  • Switzerland – 520kn

5.3. A bright start will not change the terms of the sale after the conclusion of the contract or give up the delivery of goods unless due to a technical error of the inventory tracking system a particular product that was presented as available is not actually available. In this extraordinary case, we will notify you in a timely manner via the contact information you provided when placing your order. We will allow you to choose another product instead of the unavailable product from the originally concluded contract, without the obligation to accept such an offer. In case of your non-acceptance of the offer, the amount paid will be refunded if the depositata on your part previously executed.

5.4. If the order includes several products, one of which is not available, we will notify you in a timely manner, and the other ordered products will be delivered in accordance with the contract.

5.5. All products will be packed in transport packaging in such a way that they cannot be damaged by normal transport handling. When taking over the product, the buyer is obliged to check for any damage and immediately report it to the delivery worker who delivered the goods, ie refuse to take over the shipment on which external damage is visible. The buyer is obliged to sign the delivery note or delivery note when taking over the goods, and the delivery service takes it as a confirmation of collection. By signing the Buyer’s receipt of the shipment, it is considered that the product has been taken over without visible external damage.


6.1. You have the right, without giving a reason, to terminate the sales contract within 14 days from the day of taking over the goods or after placing the order, in case you have changed your mind before the delivery of the goods.

6.2. In order to be able to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the Purchase Agreement, it is necessary to submit a duly completed copy of the Form for unilateral termination of the Purchase Agreement, together with the original invoice, before the expiration of the specified period. You can submit the form in a package together with the goods or to the e-mail address: bruno.pelko@svijetlistart.hr.

6.3. Download the form for unilateral termination of a distance sales contract at this link in pdf format. You can fill it out electronically or physically after printing. (LINK TO FORM pdf format).

6.4. In the event of termination of the contract, each party is obliged to return to the other what it received under the contract. According to Article 72 of the Consumer Protection Act, you are obliged to return the received goods at your own expense to the address Svijetli start d.o.o, Zagreb, Malešnica 27, HR-10090 Zagreb.

6.5. The precondition for unilateral termination of the Contract is that the goods have not been used and that they are in the original packaging, including the original labels. If the use (impairment) has occurred, upon receipt of the returned goods, we will assess the condition of the goods according to the visible signs of use and accordingly determine what percentage of the refund will be paid. In such situations, we will contact you and try to find the most mutually acceptable solution.

6.6. No later than 14 days from the date we receive your notice of the decision to terminate the contract, provided that you have fulfilled your obligation to return the delivered goods, we will refund your payment using the same means of payment you used when ordering.

6.7. Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse additional costs resulting from your explicit choice of mode of transportation, or any other costs associated with the refund process. Shipments sent in a way that requires payment on delivery are also unable to be received.


7.1. In really rare cases when you receive defective goods, you have the right to complain or reclaim the goods within the legal deadline under the Consumer Protection Act.

7.2. In accordance with Art. 10 of the Consumer Protection Act, we allow you to send your complaints to the e-mail address bruno.pelko@svijetlistart.hr or by mail to the address Svijetli start d.o.o, Zagreb, Malešnica 27, HR-10090 Zagreb. We will respond to all complaints received as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, and we will resolve your complaint in the most favorable way possible.

7.3. Refund in case of a complaint of defective goods is made in such a way that after receiving the complaint, in agreement with you, we send a delivery service to your address who will pick up the package and return it to our company.

7.4. A complaint will be considered valid if the product inspection and, if necessary, additional expertise, determines that it meets the conditions for a complaint in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

7.5. If the complaint is found to be valid, at our expense we will replace the goods with identical ones without defects or refund the full amount paid for the product, including shipping costs.

7.6. In the event that the complaint is not valid, ie if the consumer’s complaint is rejected, the customer who filed the complaint will bear the cost of re-delivery of the purchased product to the customer’s address.


8.1. Bright Start is obliged to deliver the sold item to you in time and in the manner specified in the presented business conditions, after you place the order and pay the purchase price in accordance with Article 3.2. up. Bright Start is responsible for material defects of goods sold on the web store in accordance with Croatian positive regulations, especially the Law on Obligations of the Republic of Croatia.

8.2. The bright start in the web store offers products that are in our exclusive ownership.

8.3. Bright whatrt is obliged to provide true information about the offered goods and to provide complete information about the payment of the purchase price and delivery of the goods.

8.4. The Web Store may be temporarily unavailable or available only to a limited extent, as a result of regular maintenance or upgrades of the system, due to technical difficulties, force majeure problems or other causes. Bright Start (as well as third parties associated with it) is not responsible, regardless of cause and duration, for any unavailability of the web store, any delay or interruption in the transmission of information, partial or complete interruption or malfunction and / or technical problems that may lead to incorrect data processing and any claims or losses arising therefrom.

8.5. Light Start will not be liable for any inability to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations under these Terms or any of the contracts in the event that it is the result of any action or event beyond the reasonable control of Light Start, including failure of public or private telecommunications networks. In that case, Bright Start will use all reasonable efforts to fulfill its obligations as soon as possible after the cessation of such extraordinary action or event.


9.1. You are obliged to pay the price of the purchased products and delivery costs, and pick up the purchased products upon delivery. For all complaints you are authorized to contact us, according to the above instructions.

9.2. You are responsible for any impairment of the goods from the moment of their taking over, which arises as a result of handling the goods, other than that which was necessary to determine the nature and characteristics of the goods.


10.1. Bright Start undertakes to protect the privacy of personal data of all users of the web store, and will treat them in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, or other applicable regulations.

10.2. The rules of data protection and privacy of users, including the Rules on cookies, are considered an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the web store and are available at the link ‘Rules of data protection and privacy of users’. (LINK)


11.1. The Light Start website and web store contain materials protected by copyright, trademark, design and other information covered by other rights of natural or legal persons, including, but not limited to, the rights to texts, applications, photographs, videos, graphics, music, sound and the like, unless otherwise indicated.

11.2. You may not modify, publish, transmit, reproduce, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivatives, or in any way exploit any content, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of Light Start or the right holder. You may not download, duplicate, modify, edit, distribute, display, delete, send, sell, resell, modify, or modify copyrighted material in any way other than for your own personal use.

11.3. For the avoidance of doubt, Bright Start expressly reserves and does not transfer to the user any rights in relation to the content of the web store and website, and prohibits the use of the content of the web store and website except as provided in these General Terms and as may be permitted. instructions on the web store itself.


12.1. In case you notice an error, problem, violation, unacceptable content and the like published in the web store or on the website of the Light Start, you can contact us or send a complaint via e-mail address bruno.pelko@svijetlistart.hr. We will respond to any such written complaint within 15 days of receiving it.

12.2. Croatian law applies to these General Terms and Conditions and all contracts.

12.3. We hereby inform you of our good will to resolve any dispute amicably amicably, as well as your right to use out-of-court consumer dispute resolution mechanisms by initiating out-of-court dispute resolution by filing an application with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and / or submitting a conciliation proposal to the conciliation at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and using the online Platform for online resolution of consumer disputes.

12.4. In the event of a court dispute, the court with actual jurisdiction in Zagreb shall have jurisdiction.

Date of last modification: 30.10.2020.